Animal Farm (2021)


  Grand Prix Nova 2022 1st Prize in Short Forms Cathegory

   Nomination in the Phonurgia Nova Award 2021



ANIMAL FARM is a series of 10 very short pieces, halfway between music and sound-art, micro-concept-album and divertissement.
The basic idea is to analyse the voices of some domestic and wild animals and transform them into musical pieces, starting from their sound timbre and rhythm and associating them with musical instruments.
The result is a series of small surreal songs, a bit abstract with an “animal” rhythm, ranging across various musical genres.
Thus, a chicken coop with rooster and chickens becomes a blues for mouth harmonica, the barking of a dog is transformed into a limp waltz for accordion, the scream of a monkey is the song of a classical lieder.
The original context of the sounds is moved to other areas, creating new contexts and meanings.
The instruments used are: mouth organ, accordion, Indian organ, piano, metallophone, classical guitar, electric guitar, banjo, violin, double bass, all played by Stefano Giannotti.

Produced in 2021 for Deutschlandradio Kultur – Wurfsendung
Dramaturgy: Julia Tieke