POPULIST RADIO awarded at the UKIADF 2024

First photo: Stefano Giannotti and Marta Rebdza

Second photo: Melanie Nock, Irina Zlotea, Stefano Giannotti, Alexandru maniu, Raluca Gramulescu, Marta rebdza, Jonathan Banatvala

MONDI POSSIBILI awarded at the UKIADF 2022

We are delighted to announce that Stefano Giannotti’s radio-drama MONDI POSSIBILI, produced by the German state broadcaster SWR2 in 2021, has won the Second Prize at the UK International Audio-Drama Festival 2022, Canterbury. The piece, a SCI-FI story constructed as a radio cartoon story in the form of a baroque opera can be heard online at the link:


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Mondi Possibili (2018-2021)

DIALOGHI – L’opera di Stefano Giannotti

Only in Italian

Tommaso Tregnaghi  in collaboration with Stefano Giannotti
Porto Seguro Editore 2022


Landscape, life cycles and people’s voices are the themes addressed through music, words and visual arts by Stefano Giannotti, an eclectic, brilliant and fertile musician and radio author. In this long interview, Tommaso Tregnaghi takes stock of his creative journey, starting with his first attempts as a child, up to his radio plays in collaboration with two German state radio stations (Deutschlandradio Kultur and SWR2). Parallel to these fruitful collaborations are his albums with the ensemble OTEME (Osservatorio Terre Emerse). What emerges is the portrait of a total artist, for whom creativity is intertwined with life and experimentation. An artist aware that his profession is not a choice, but a real need to manifest his own and original vision of the world. With the participation of Stefano Giannotti

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Tommaso Tregnaghi, Stefano Giannotti
Porto Seguro
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26 February 2022
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