Sonic Pages (2009)


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I’m asking mercy to Russian writers if my work smells of post-modernism.
I ‘ve never had a clear idea of what post-modernism is, but I have always felt that tripping into it might be considered a sort of holy sin.
The fact is that…
I’ve been very impressed by Don Delillo’s statement which more or less sounds like: “We need centuries to invent something which is primitive” (Americana).
So I have decided to build up a series of primitive worlds as the result of a long process of construction.
Imaginary landscapes portraying criptic inner worlds, autobiographic and at the same time universal.
Deep explorations of music instruments and objects from everyday life.
Archives of the memory.
Extended instrumental techniques.
Sonic pages.

SG Dec. 2008


I – II – III – IV – V – VI – VII – VIII – IX
Dur. 49’20”

Music and direction: Stefano Giannotti
Performed by Stefano Giannotti

Sounds employed:

  1. An old piano
  2. A recording of the Berliner Ring in the S-Bahn, dated February 2003
  3. SG reading his diary
  4. Glass scratchings
  5. Franco Russo (1931-2005) conducting a jazz orchestra
  6. A microphone stroking the strings of a banjo (the wind effect) and a wood surface
  7. A little plastic bottle
  8. A harmonium
  9. Franco Russo playing piano
  10. Mellotron churchbells
  11. Microphone scratchings
  12. Coins on table and percussion
  13. Gong
  14. Objects falling on the floor
  15. A black man singing in Ku-damm (recording dated March 2003, by S.Giannotti and Dagmar Schnürer)
  16. Radio Waves
  17. Yuan Shun (a Chinese artist living in Berlin) performing a word improvisation and singing a Chinese song – recording dated April 2000 in Wiepersdorf)
  18. Yuan Shun treated like radio-waves
  19. The old piano treated with a Revox

 Produced for Deutschlandradio Kultur, Redaction: Götz Naleppa and Marcus Gammel

© Copyright by DeutschlandRadio Kultur and S. Giannotti, 2009