Formiche (2010)


FORMICHE (ants) is a study about ants’ movements on a wall and at the same time it can be thought as an ironic sight to society; many ants run producing a great variety of sounds, including dog and cat, sheep, ambulance, percussion, crick and crackles, smash, bim, pow etc. FORMICHE moves on the edge between performance and contemporary music,
cartoon and abstract theatre. Produced by S.Giannotti (2007/2010)

Length: 1 minute

Direction and music: Stefano Giannotti
Interpreters: ants shot on a house wall in Mondaino (Italy, July 2007)
Produced by Stefano Giannotti2007/2010
© Copyrights by Stefano Giannotti / S.I.A.E. 2010