I Was a Mill (2010)


“I’d have lots of stories to tell. I was a mill. Going around all day. Like that time with those two below me on the high grass. He kissed her crying sweetly. Her children played hide-and-seek among the wheat. I believe they were saying goodbye.

I kept turning,  Going around all day. I could not interfere with the human world. But even us windmills say goodbye every so often. We break, then we wait, we wait for our ending. wherever the wind may blow.”

 From The Travel Note-Book

A short video based on an experimental song for voices, keyboards and natural sounds. The video portrays windmills shot in Austria in 2008, moving rhythmically according to the sound-dramaturgy.

Dur. 3’20”

Music, text, video by Stefano Giannotti

All voices and instruments: Stefano Giannotti

Produced by Stefano Giannotti, © 2010, All Rights Reserved

S.I.A.E. 2010