The Remixed City (2022-2023)

Streets, buildings, deserts, seas, mountains, burners with crackling pans, domestic and exotic animals, musical instruments, wrong perspectives, impossible architecture… This is the city of the future, an ideal and surreal metropolis to wander and maybe get lost in, not without danger.
A tribute to surrealist painting, to exorcise the decline in attention on social media, which has now reached the 10-second mark.
To give life to this curious ideal city, I used photographic and video material taken from different contexts, processed it through the form of collage, then added sounds and music exploring different genres, mostly electronic. The remixed city thus becomes everyone’s place, the global, slightly dystopian utopia found in our dreams, sometimes in our nightmares.
The project lasted a year, with postings twice a week on Facebook and Instagram and once a month on Youtube, as a Collection of the Month.
Subject, music and creation: Stefano Giannotti
Footage: Stefano Giannotti, and public domain videos mostly taken from the Pexels website
( and from Archive (