Un giorno…(2003/2004)


UN GIORNO QUALSIASI NELLA VITA DI MATILDE is an amusing portait of a day in the life of my daughter Matilde (five years old at that time) through her games and her meals. The action develops between morning and night in a series of miniatures, little pictures built on the different movements of my music piece UNA GIORNATA QUALSIASI NELLA VITA DI UN BAMBINO, composed in 2002 and awarded in the National Competition Of Music For Children Piccole Mani (Perugia 2002). The single movements/miniatures/moments of the day are: Breakfast, First Divertimento, Lunch, Nap, Snack, Second Divertimento, Dinner, Lullaby. Images of daily actions combine with animation sequences; the music, ranges between ironical epical atmospheres, in an experimental acoustic itinerary. Single images, camera movements, photographic details develops through moments of improvisation and moments of strict writing. Time is scanned by a series of titles representing the single movements. The general atmosphere is reminescent of a daily micro-theatre half way between silent movie and electroacoustic experiment, concert of images and game.
The film is Stefano Giannotti’s first short movie.

Year of production: 2003/2004
Length: 7’40”
Subject, music and direction: Stefano Giannotti
Interpreters: Matilde Giannotti
Animation: Stefano Giannotti e Matilde Giannotti
Music: UNA GIORNATA QUALSIASI NELLA VITA DI UN BAMBINO (2001/2004), by Stefano Giannotti, for piano, banjo, Indian organ, percussion, toys and sampler.
Original Format: miniDV