The Ifugao Cloud (2018)


THE IFUGAO CLOUD is an orchestral piece inspired by the way of singing and the rhythms of the IFUGAO Region in Philippines (but in a wider acception also of other parts of the Cordillera). Some original rhythms, modal scales and riffs generally employed in tribal rites are moved from their original context and put into a sort of contrapuntal music frame (where I have employed Western canon techniques); in this way I’d like to create a meeting point between two different cultures (East and West) which will be united by music. In the score it is also possible to hear landscape suggestions like the Chestnut Munia song, ladies and men from the tribes chatting and singing, courtship to young girls in the Kalinga Tribe, and so on.

The piece received the Composer’s Fellowship at the Banaue International Music Composition Competition 2018 (BIMCC)

Dur. about 13 min

Spartito  Music scoreTHE IFUGAO CLOUD-Orchestral Score