L’AGGUATO – CD Release


Second chapter of OTEME‘s discographic saga, the new CD L’AGGUATO, L’ABBANDONO, IL MUTAMENTO moves oblique on the edge between contemporary music and song-writing, art-rock and sound-art, scores written rigorously and free improvising.
The work, deeply contaminated by different cultural disciplines and experiences contains a history of nearly 25 years. This is certainly the time spent writing lyrics, composing the music, arranging and recording the pieces.

1. La grande volta (The Grat Vault)Preview
2. SarĂ  il temporale (It Will Be the Storm)Preview
3. Bianco richiamo (White Recall)Preview
4. Camminavo (I Walked)Preview
5. L’agguato (The Ambush)Preview
6. L’abbandono (The Abandonment)Preview
7. Il mutamento (Bolero secondo) (The Change – Second Bolero) – Preview
8. Dopo la pioggia (After the Rain) Preview
9. Tracce nel nulla (Traces in Thin Air) – Preview
10. Un’altra volta (Another Time) Preview


Valeria Marzocchi: piccolo, flute
Linda Matteucci: flute
Nicola Bimbi: oboe, English horn
Giorgio Berrugi: clarinet
Lorenzo Del Pecchia: bass clarinet
Marco Donatelli: bassoon
Maicol Pucci: trumpet, flugelhorn
Marco Fagioli: bass tuba
Stefano Giannotti: voice, piano, classic and electric guitar, banjo, Indian organ, Jew’s harp, percussion
Valentina Cinquini: harp
Emanuela Lari: voice, keyboards
Pierluigi Papeschi: electric guitar
Milko Ambrogini: bass guitar
Riccardo Ienna: drums and percussion

Written, composed and arranged by Stefano Giannotti between 1992 and 2015

Executive producers: Stefano Giannotti and Pierluigi Papeschi (2, 4, 8, 9)
Stefano Giannotti (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10)

Art work by Tommaso Tregnaghi and Stefano Giannotti
Photographs by Lucio Ghilardi

Translations by Bonnie Eldred

Licensed for Ma.Ra.Cash Records, executive producer: Massimo Orlandini
World distribution: Ma.Ra.Cash Records, via Duse n.6, 27029 Vigevano

SarĂ  il temporale – Videoclip

Bianco richiamo – Rehearsal