HIN UND ZURÜCK, Production

SWR - Studio 2

Preparation of Stefano Giannotti’s new radio-drama HIN UND ZURÜCK (Return Ticket) in Baden_Baden (Germany) in the SWR Studio 2. Recording and mixing sessions from February 20th until March 4th, 2017

Doris Wolters                                                     Stefan Roschy

Oliver Jacobs                                                            Robert Besta

Sebastian Mirow                                                     Constanze Weinig

Sound Memories


 July 27th, 2016 at 7 pm

at Santa Maria alla Scala

Chigiana International Festival & Summer Academy

Sound Memories
Transcribe, rewrite, relive
Radio-concert / Lecture curated by Stefano Jacoviello and Stefano Giannotti. The event will be in streaming on www.radioarte.itStefano Jacoviello: moderator
Stefano Giannotti: voice, objects, banjo, tapes.

Chigiana Radioarte – Sound in Space



From July 8th until August 31st 2016, the Chigiana International Festival of Contemporary Music, in collaboration with Innerroom is hosting a temporary web-radio with a focus on radio-art.
On July 14th – 21st – 28th and August 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th starting at 0:00 until 12 p.m. there will be a 24 hours retrospective of radio works by Stefano Giannotti produced between 1989 and 2015.

Visit http://www.radioarte.it/

OTEME in Concert


June 11th, 2015, Saturday at 9 p.m.

OTEME will perform L’AGGUATO, L’ABBANDONO, IL MUTAMENTO at SPAM, in Porcari (Lucca) in association with Cluster Musica Contemporanea. The line-up is made of:

Valeria Marzocchi: flute, piccolo, voice
Lorenzo Del Pecchia: clarinetsMarco Fagioli: bass tuba, metallophone
Emanuela Lari: keyboards, voice
Stefano Giannotti:  voice, guitar, banjo, keyboards
Riccardo Ienna: percussion

More soon. Stay tuned !

IMPURE WAVES – Publication!


WORM Horspil – K7-7

Second in the 2016 batch of Horspil editions, produced in the WORM Klangendum studio. On the A-side ‘Capriccio’ (21:24 min) by Ergo Phizmiz, something he calls a ‘science-fiction-fantasia (isn’t that double fantasy?) on the perils of modern building schemes and the highs and lows of residential and commercial accommodation.’ Quite a lot of narration here, with the music as a secondary element, to my ears that is.

On the B-side a wonderful radio play by Stefano Gianotti, someone I came to know as an artist with a refined ear for subtle and small sounds, for the human voice, and toy instruments. AND a healthy dose of humour! ‘Impure Waves’ (32:29 min) is his contribution to this series, a wondrous and involving trip through music and speech, Steve Reichian voice-dubs, with no time for the listener to lose interest.

Label: WORM.records / K7-7
Artist: WORM Horspil
Medium: Music Cassette
Category: .

Visit http://underbelly.nu/product/k7-7/


Solchi Sperimentali Italiani






March 4th, 2016
Scuola di Musica Sinfonia, Lucca, at 9 pm.

For the season I VENERDI’ DI SINFONIA, Lecture-concert on 50 years of experimental music in Italy, curated by Antonello Cresti, Vittore Baroni and Stefano Giannotti. There will be the presentation of Antonello Cresti’s book SOLCHI SPERIMENTALI ITALIANI. With the participation of Bruno Romani - sax and composition, Andrea Selenio Pecchia – electronics, Laboratorio OTEME
Rebecca Franceschini, Angela Messina: flauti, voci
Domenico Piegaia: clarinetto, Gabriele Stefani: sax, voce, Pietro Phelan, Benedetta Bendinelli: violini, voci, Maria Lucia Marcelli, Claudia Di Terlizzi, Lucia Pera, Daniele Petroni: chitarre, voci, Thiago Tiribocchi: chitarra elettrica, Sofia Paterni: arpa, Arianna mandoli, Stefano Sestani: tastiere, Duccio Nieri: basso elettrico, Matilde Giannotti: voce