Linee di superficie (1996/98)


Spartito Linee di Superficie

LINEE DI SUPERFICIE was started in 1996, as a piece for solo electric guitar. The basic idea was to create a sort of aggressive information stream, simulating a geographic environment through a very fast infinite melodic line in constant change.
Successively, some parallel lines played by other instruments were added, moving exactly at the unison with the electric guitar and step by step creating a counterpoint of long substained sounds (resulting from the melody itself). All the instruments play fortissimo; long pauses of silence (in which musicians stay quite still) are in alternance with played sections.
A first version of LINEE DI SUPERFICIE (5 minutes long, for oboe and electric guitar) was premiered in Berlin during the Festival “Neue Italienische Musikszene” in April 1998. A second version (for oboe, cello and electric guitar) was performed all over Germany and Italy in 1999 during a tournee with the Ensemble IL TEATRO DEL FARO.