I viaggi di Beppe (1992/93)


A piece dedicated to the themes of middle age and loneliness. Beppe, the composer’s best friend, tells stories about his journeys all over the world; he speaks about his experiences, his women, his thoughts on religion and life. Gradually he loses himself in the big labyrinth of the world, to find himself, at the end, very close to his home: the Mediterranean Sea. The work is a middle way between a note-book and a song-theatre, mixing electroacoustic music with popular songs. The work exists also as a radio piece.

Direction and music: Stefano Giannotti
Texts and songs: Beppe Sanguigni
Beppe Sanguigni: voice, guitar
Stefano Giannotti: synthesizer, percussion, glasses, accordion, ocarinas, elaborations and mixings
Michelangelo Rinaldi: English horn
Production: Stefano Giannotti and Beppe Sanguigni
Duration: 46’00” (radio version), 1h, 15 min. (theatre version)



Cosa sarebbe questa vita