Imagine the Rainbow (2012)

Performance by Stefano Giannotti and Giacomo Verde

Evergreen and other stuff – Portable Video-concert

A performance featuring a musician and a video-maker giving voice and images to a series of international evergreens, ranging from “’ O sole mio” to “Smoke on the Water”, from “Inno alla gioia” to “Over The Rainbow” passing through “Heroes”, “Imagine” “We Will Rock You” and other unforgettable songs interpreted in an atypical and visionary way by Stefano Giannotti. The videos, directly created on stage by Giacomo Verde, take life through the shooting and elaboration of small objects and material suggested by the themes and atmospheres of every single piece. A video-concert dedicated to a universal audience who has wish to play with memory, with visions and feelings of songs which have accompanied us in these last 50 years. Taking all not that seriously…