Risveglio (1997/2001)


RISVEGLIO (“Awakening”, 1997/2001)                                

Rivalry is an expression of negative powers. Rivalry leads to war. Children fight without any direction, until two percussionists exploit them for their own personal war. But the “Dancing Child” has found a solution: a sounding jacket made of musical toys will bring peace among everyone
The piece, conceived as a sort of scenic action for 2 percussionists, children acting and toys, should be the final result of a workshop whose aim is approaching children to the complex world of sounds. 
1st Percussion set: – Vibraphone – 2 tympani (26 and 23 inches) – or other kinds of bass drums.
2nd Percussion set: – Marimba – 2 tympani (32 and 29 inches)) – or other kinds of bass drums.

First performance: October the 7th, 2001, Yokohama, Minato Mirai Music Hall – ISCM/JSCM, World Music days, Children’s Future 2001