Instant Voyage (2014)

ViaggioIstanteAlessandroAlessandro Certini

La strana giornata del Sig. Bontempo

A production for children by Company Blu
Dance: Alessandro Certini
Sound and music action: Stefano Giannotti

Excursus on the phisical perception of time amongst music, daily life rhythms and work activity; it’s a sort of amusing and partly interactive performance, which explores music and dance, sound and movement with the youngest generations.

The piece portrays a day in the life of Sig. Buontempo (Mr. Goodtime), who wakes up early, brushes his teeth, has breakfast, takes the train and goes at work (he is a kind of mason). The several pictures in which the story is divided become more and more surrealistic, and develop into a sort of amusing (for the audience) nightmare which leads him back home at night, tired, dirty and hungry.

The performance is also a didactical voyage into a series of found objects and music instruments employed in an unusual way.

Recommended for children 10 years old and adults

ViaggioNell'Istante-DCStefano Giannotti e la sua orchestra
Photo by Daniela Caroli

Sesto Fiorentino, Teatro della Limonaia, 10 gennaio 2015