Ritratto di paese (1989/90)

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A sound-documentary on a little Italian country village
The piece is based on the voices of the elders of Gattaiola, (a little country-village near Lucca) telling stories of their youth, about their lives and customs, their relationships, their loving, foods and festivities…The piece is constructed as a sort of “Tema con Variazioni” which combines voices of the elders, natural sounds, church bells, few patterns of Reinassance vocal music, sounds of gong. In 1991 RITRATTO DI PAESE has got the Prix Macrophon’91 from Polskie Radio Wroclaw.

Direction and music: Stefano Giannotti
Voices: Iolanda, Uliana, Nelia, Severino, Ernesta, Marino, Eni, Liliana
Production. Stefano Giannotti for RAI Radio 1 Audiobox

Duration: 45’50”