Il Carnevale di Antonio (2004)


Antonio comes into an abandoned small church-theater, transformed into a sort of warehouse full of different stuff. He prepares a DJ consolle on the stage and plays a broken scratching record.
The room starts animating: a crowd of middle aged people, masked children and wigged elderlies dance Waltz and Makkarena at the dumb rhythm of a scratched vinyle. Magically, the objects of the real room start dancing too. A cat wanders among stored tables. In a strange alchemical process objects transform, change place and the rules of the game. The cat roars, the little door of the stage becomes the gate of a bewitched castle… a classic guitar plays electric. The cycle ends with Antonio taking away the consolle from the stage, re-putting in order the tables, switching off the lights. Then, misteriously, he goes away as he came.

IL CARNEVALE DI ANTONIO is a story of metamorphosis and alchemies; it’s a film surrealistic and out of tune, characterized by elements easy recognizable, changed of place, animated, destroyed and rebuilt into a sort of child’s game. Antonio becomes the unaware craftsman and the victim of his own creative action. Facing the delirium of his inner world and the evident eclipse of his reason he keeps an ironic sense of self-control.
But does he really realize what’s going to be performed tonight?

Year of production: 2004
Length: 7’35”
Interpreters: Antonio Colzi
Idea, music and direction: Stefano Giannotti
Original format: MiniDV