Migrazioni (2002-2013)



– 1st version (2002): flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon – MIGRAZIONI-Winds
– 2nd Version (2004): string orchestra and tympani – MIGRAZIONI – Strings / Tympani

The city grows up geometrically. It increases its power until it becomes very noisy and aggressive. Birds reproduce quickly and fly away as they are escaping. They migrate somewhere in the sky, moving asymmetrically and combining in flocks of sounds.
But the city invents a trick. Slily it brings them back to earth making them dancing at the geometrical rhythm of a “Drum’n’Bass” riff. Birds loose their power.
MIGRAZIONI is an acoustic metaphora of movement. Symmetry and asymmetry fight one against the other and combine, filling the whole space. Escaping and coming back, going ahead and renouncing; a parallel line is drawn to human behaviours –we free ourself to fall immediately after under another power which seduce us.
MIGRAZIONI is also a look towards the landscape and its primitive forms (points, straight lines and circles – in music words, rhythms, harmonies and melodies).
The piece requires the musicians to alternate a strict metronomic playing (in the geometrical parts) to a more flexible and free interpretation (the asymmetrical parts), just to catch the right atmosphere and significance.

Dur. 14’00”