Nuove musiche…(1996/2000)


A story of cycles ancient like the world. Memories recorded and refound on old tapes, archeologies in comparison. And then silence, alphabets and the origin of the word, today songs in harmony with yesterday’s, in a journey backwards to childhood. The myth, the series of myths on which mankind draw all the stories, loses in the night of times between butterflies’ wings and city noise, personal events and remote electronic landscapes.

I think that landscape is reflecting on my work from a geometrical point of view. Movements from plains to seas, from mountains to cities and over, each time become long substained tones, short rhythmic cells and melodies, repetitions, counterpoint.

Some old “refound” tapes are the starting point for a journey into the themes of memory and cycles of life, through landscape sounds, simple melodies, resounding objects, a grandmother’s voice, children’s laughs…a complex counterpoint structure. Instruments converse with pre-recorded sounds, creating stories and sound-itineraries. The piece CANZONI NATURALI, which occupies almost entirely the second part of the concert, is a counterclockwise journey between old age and childhood through the cycle of water from the thunder-rain to the sea (true water dropping from the ceiling into big pots on the stage).

A small electro-acoustic theatre in which avant-garde and tradition meet.

SG 2003


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