Bürotifulcrazy (2014)


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I love you.
I demonstrate love for you.
I feel an intense feeling of deep affection for you.
I do direct knowledge of a cognitive-affective condition that lasts
longer than emotions and has a less incisive power than passions, for you.
I acquire knowledge gained through experience of facts, truths or information related to a
cognitive affective condition that lasts longer than those mental states and physiological changes associated with psychophysiological, internal or external stimuli, natural or learned and that has a less incisive power than passions, for you.
(…) In short, I love you.

Radio piece for voices, large ensemble, natural and electronic sounds

In the state of nature, the first word pronounced by humans might have been bu-ro-cra-zia. A group of savages discovers this word by trying to imitate animal sounds.

Obstacles represented by acoustic alarm signals force a mysterious walker to hijack constantly his steps, faster and faste more and more stressful, until he’s blown out.

An employment contract changes into a nonsense methabureaucratic monologue. Birth of a Pygwriter (a pig-typewriter).

An always busy telephone forces the composer to lose the light of reason and to compose an orchestral masterpiece.

The methabureaucratic monologue turns into bureaucratic poetry.
An example of bureaucratic declaration of love.

The composer tries in vain to teach the Pygwriter the word bu-ro-cra-zia. At the end the Pygwriter learns it by imitating animal sounds.

SG March 2014

Texts, music and direction by Stefano Giannotti
Production: Deutschlandradio Kultur Hörspiel Abteilung 2014
Ilka Teichmüller, Petra Winkler, Stefano Giannotti, Mariola Krajczewska, Matilde Giannotti, Roberta Da Porto: voices

OTEME – Osservatorio delle Terre Emerse:
Valeria Marzocchi: flute
Nicola Bimbi: oboe, English horn
Lorenzo Del Pecchia: clarinetto, bass clarinet
Leonardo Percival Paoli: bassoon
Maicol Pucci: trumpet
Valentina Cinquini: harp
Stefano Giannotti: pianoforte, xilofono, percussioni, samplings

The String Orchestra from Scuola di Musica Sinfonia:
Sara Fanucci, Diana Gaci Scaletti, Nicoletta Olivati, Sofia Cesaretti, Gianluca Chelini, Andrea del Gratta: violins
Angela Landi: violin, viola
Rachele Nucci, Lorenzo Phelan: cellos

Executive producer: Marcus Gammel
German translation: Annalisa Pace – Studio Lucca Traduce
English translation: Bonnie Eldred


Stefano in Deutschlandradio, 31 Ottobre 2013,
photo by Marcus Gammel

Stefano & Ilka
photo by Marcus Gammel